EAP Materials

the evolution of academic style

Academic style is often characterised in contrast with speaking style: formal vs informal. This worksheet explores how and why academic writing style has changed since Isaac Newton first published in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, No. 80 (19 Feb. 1671/2), pp. 3075-3087

Getting started writing essays and reports

These online materials, formatted for use on a mobile phone, look at the basics of essay and report writing by analysing a successful essay and report in the context of the decisions the writers made to focus their topic, select relevant sources and use them effectively. They are publically available here https://rise.articulate.com/share/rG_bQo6f6LOqfXbxBeFNPK84Alv6KOfi

Teacher beliefs about teaching EAP

This questionnaire was developed to gather data for a paper (Alexander, 2012) looking at teacher beliefs about teaching low level EAP (CEFR A2). It can be a useful starting point for new EAP teachers to understand their underlying beliefs about teaching ELT.

Understanding the nature of reality

This worksheet was designed for use with low proficiency level students who nevertheless have a sophistocated understanding of research concepts in their discipline. It grounds explanations about the nature of reality through findamental research questions, key figures who challenged the view of reality in their field, and an example grounded in the students’ own experience.

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